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THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: There is in Islam a disturbing concept called “al-Taqiyya”. It means deception or dissimulation. Some would say it simply means diplomacy. The Quran says in surah 3:28, “Let not the believers Take for friends or helpers Unbelievers rather than believers: if any do that, in nothing will there be help from Allah. except by way of precaution, that ye may Guard yourselves from them 373). But Allah cautions you (To remember) Himself; for the final goal is to Allah”. Regarding that verse, Muhammed Ibn Jarir at-Tabari says, “if you (Muslims) are under their (non-Muslims) authority, fearing for yourselves, behave loyally to them with your tongue while harboring animosity for them…”. It is advocated lying. What this means is that in any circumstance where Islam can be furthered, a Muslim may lie. For instance, a debate between a non-Muslim and a Muslim about the violent aspects of Islam would allow the Muslim to lie. Why this concept is so disturbing is that we, as non-Muslims, must ask how we can believe a Muslim. If a Muslim tells us that the Quran does not advocate violence against non-Muslims or that the Quran does not allow Muslim men to abuse their wives or that Islam is a religion of peace, how do we know if they are telling the truth if we know that they are permitted by the Quran to lie to us?

If you are not a Christian (see the ABOUT YOU page), becoming a follower of Christ is the most important decision you will ever make. The Susquehanna church of Christ is a group of individuals who seek to worship God together according to His will, revealed to us in His word, the Bible. We believe that Bible study will lead us into greater understanding of what God wants of us. Though lots of denominations will tell you they teach the truth of God’s word, they cannot all be right when they teach doctrines that contradict each other. We invite you to consider the material you find here, and most importantly, weigh it against what is found in the scriptures. Our hope and prayer is that you will find the information here to be not only of benefit but also of truth. If we can be of help in any way in your search, please contact me.

One more thing. Susquehanna church of Christ is a non-denominational church. You will notice that the “c” in church is not capitalized. The reason is that it is a description not a title or proper name. We are simply members of the church which Jesus built, Matthew 16:18.

If you are a Christian, we hope the material here will be of benefit to you and will stimulate your thinking. If there is any way in which we may be of help, please contact me.


Scott Long