If you are reading this post, you may be thinking, “Here we go again, another Christian beating the issue of homosexuality”. A friend of mine who seems interested in studying the Bible recently said to me that he does not understand why Christians are forcing the discussion of the issue of homosexuality on everyone. That perception seems a curious one to me. Did the issue originate with us? For over two centuries in this country, it was a clearly understood moral principle among the vast majority of citizens that homosexuality was wrong. There was little or no discussion as to whether we should recognize the practice of homosexuality as legitimate.

Around the beginning of the aids epidemic, sympathy arose for the victims of the disease and those who had it, primarily homosexual men. As time went on, homosexuals began to gain supporters for their lifestyle, in direct contradiction to the consequences of that lifestyle. Eventually, it has become fashionable and faddish to be homosexual. Hollywood has advanced the cause. The description was changed to “gay” to soften perceptions of it. Mainstream denominations have caved to pressure, and subsequently, denied God’s will on the matter.

There is no doubt that the discussion has been forced on us. In fact, in the specific, there are probably few Christians who care about a particular person’s sexuality. They say everyone should stay out of their bedrooms, yet the homosexual movement continues to want their own to tell us what they are doing in their bedrooms. When a homosexual “comes out”, it brings rejoicing from an “enlightened” media and supporters. If our society is truly unbiased regarding sexuality, wouldn’t we want everyone who comes of age to “come out” and tell us what their sexual preferences are, homosexual or heterosexual? That thought seems to show how trivial the knowledge really is. I don’t care what you do in your bedroom; but if you tell me and if I know you, I am obligated to tell you that God’s word deems the practice of homosexuality a sin. It would be wonderful if the debate on this issue would go away, but only if it goes away because we have come to the proper conclusion on it. As long as the issue continues to be thrown at Christians, we have no choice but to stand up against sin wherever it may raise its ugly head.




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