Newer lessons at bottom of each year’s group.

The Pharisees – Scott Long
A Five Step Plan Of Salvation – Scott Long
Five Acts Of Worship – Scott Long
The Church Of Christ Phrase – Scott Long
Where The Bible Speaks – Scott Long
Cups Of The Bible – Scott Long
Sacrifices And Worship – Scott Long
1 Corinthians 13 – Scott Long
Ezekiel’s Dry Bones – Scott Long
The Rich Man And Lazarus – Scott Long
Acts 17 – Scott Long
Disciple – Scott Long
Priority In Prayer – Scott Long
Lessons From Cain And Abel – David Stevens
Isaiah’s Call – Scott Long
Godly Sorrow – Scott Long
The Role And Importance Of Women – Scott Long
John 1 – Scott Long
Does God Have A Plan For Your Life – Scott Long
Solomon’s Wise Judgment – Scott Long
Small Churches Count – Mark Roberts
Daily Bible Reading That Works – Mark Roberts
Are We Too Narrow-Minded – Mark Roberts
Strengthening Our Part In The Local Church – Mark Roberts
Evangelism For Everyone – Mark Roberts
Romans 13 – Scott Long
Mary’s Song – Scott Long
Blessed Are The Poor – Scott Long
Blessed Are Those Who Mourn – Scott Long
Blessed Are The Meek – Scott Long
Blessed Are Those Who Hunger And Thirst – Scott Long

Who Is God – Scott Long
Women Speaking Pt 2 – Scott Long
The Statue of Daniel Chapter 2 – Scott Long
The Kingdom in Prophecy – Scott Long
Jesus Is Reigning Now – Scott Long
Power In Words – Scott Long
Psalm 46 – Scott Long
Galatians 1 vv 6 to 10 – Scott Long
Liberty In Galatians – Scott Long
Psalm 1 – Scott Long
Asa – Tim Long
The Challenge In Being Right – Don Bunting
Why Don’t They Listen – Don Bunting
What To Do When Faith Fails – Don Bunting
Come Out And Be Separate, Really – Don Bunting
How Do I Get Stronger Faith – Don Bunting
From Faith To Salvation – Scott Long
Noah And the Flood – Scott Long
Sin – Scott Long
Matthew 10 – Scott Long
Forgiveness – Scott Long
Job Book And Setting – Scott Long
Psalm 96 – Scott Long
Job’s Argument – Scott Long
Glorifying God – Scott Long
Matthew 7:21 – Scott Long
Philippians 4 – Alexander Newman
Eliphaz’ First Speech And Job’s Response – Scott Long
Bildad’s First Speech and Job’s Response – Scott Long
Paul and Felix – Scott Long
Zophar’s First Speech and Job’s Response – Scott Long
Speak As The Oracles Of God – Scott Long
The Book Of Psalms Study – Stephen Rouse
Work For God Is Working – Stephen Rouse
Job and Friendship, Chapter 16 – Scott Long
The Blessings Of Being In A Congregation – Scott Long
Job’s Redeemer – Scott Long
Eliphaz Charges Job With Sin – Scott Long
Decisions Have Consequences – Dale Smelser
The Church Is Executor Of God’s Will – Dale Smelser
He Walked Among Us – Dale Smelser
Job’s Last Speech – Scott Long
Understand What The Will Of The Lord Is – Scott Long
Elihu’s Speech – Scott Long
Striving For The Ideal – Scott Long

The Temptation Of Jesus – Scott Long
Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People – Scott Long
Light And Darkness – Scott Long
Adam And Eve And Temptation – Scott Long
The Corruption Of What Was Good – Scott Long
Original Sin – Scott Long
Godly Sorrow – Scott Long
Repentance – Scott Long
The Sower – Scott Long
Is Obedience Important – Scott Long
Babylon Invades – Scott Long
Hospitality – Scott Long
Measuring Success In Evangelism – Scott Long
What Advantage Then Has The Christian – Dave Brewer
Acts 1 to vs 11 – Scott Long
Christian Rhetoric (Personalizing Communication) – Brent Willey
Dealing With Failure (Personalizing Our Sin) – Brent Willey
Needful Preaching (Personalizing The Message) – Brent Willey
Apathy, The Danger Within (Personalizing Commitment) – Brent Willey
How Shall We Then Live (Personalizing Religion) – Brent Willey
Sanctified Preaching (Personalizing Evangelism) – Brent Willey
Steadfastness – Scott Long
True Fellowship – Scott Long
God Please Guide Me – Scott Long
True Remnant Christians – Scott Long
Don’t Read The Bible Literally – Scott Long
1 Timothy 1 – Scott Long
What Is Unity – Scott Long
Fear And Faith – Ethan Hulsey
Killers Of Unity – Scott Long
Paul On Paul – Scott Long
Pray For Rulers – Scott Long
The Beauty of Womanhood – Scott Long
A Falling Away – Scott Long
What Does It Mean To Give Your Heart To God – Scott Long
1 Timothy 5 vv22, 24-25 – Scott Long
Women’s Speaking – Scott Long
Sanctifying Christ As Lord In Our Hearts – Jerry Falk
Can Christianity Survive In America – Josh Gurtler
Our Glorious Salvation – David Raif
Our Gorious Purpose – David Raif
Emotional Reasoning – Jon Focht
1 Timothy 6 vv6-8 – Scott Long
The End – Scott Long
Heaven – Scott Long
1 Timothy 6 vv11-16 – Scott Long
The Rich – Scott Long
Boldness – Scott Long
Matthew 11 vv28-30 – Scott Long
Jesus Gave Himself – Scott Long
Why Do You Baptize – Scott Long
Born Again – Scott Long

Open Doors And Opportunities – Scott Long
Malachi, God Is Worthy Of Honor – Scott Long
Jesus Brought Glory To God – Scott Long
1 Corinthians:13 – Scott Long
The Value Of The OT To Christians – Scott Long
Intro To Ecclesiastes – Scott Long
What About Lent – Scott Long
What Did Solomon Do And See – Scott Long
What Did Solomon Conclude – Scott Long
Works – Scott Long
Jesus And Nathanael – Scott Long
What Makes Jesus Different – Ethan Hulsey
Tradition – Scott Long
Philemon – Scott Long
Romans 12:12 – Scott Long
One Reason We Gather – Scott Long
How We Got A NT Canon, Pt 1 – Scott Long
How We Got A NT Canon, Pt 2 – Scott Long
Examine Yourself – Scott Long
Ephesians Intro – Jeff Smelser
Powerful Transformations – Jeff Smith
God’s Will For Us, Set Apart & Innocent – Jeremy Hodges
A Holy Temple In The Lord, Representing God’s Presence – Jeremy Hodges
Attitudes Essential To Unity – Stephen Rouse
2 John – Scott Long
Anointing – Scott Long
Excuses and Reasons – Scott Long
The Importance of Fathers – Scott Long
The Anatomy of Unbelief – Scott Long
The Founding Fathers and Current Moral Issues – Scott Long
Jesus And The Widow Of Nain – Scott Long
Love God With All Your Heart – Scott Long
Love God With All Your Soul – Scott Long
Love God With All Your Mind – Scott Long
Love God With All Your Strength – Scott Long
Love Your Neighbor As Yourself – Scott Long
Who Are We Now – Scott Long
Wranglers – Scott Long
Lying – Scott Long
Selfishness And Selflessness – Scott Long
Perfecting Holiness – Alan Williamson
What Makes A Strong Church – Alan Williamson
The Importance Of Mending Nets – Alan Williamson
Why Me Lord – Alan Williamson
Integrity – Scott Long
Transformation From Sin – Scott Long
Evangelism And Fear – Scott Long
Matthew 18 vv 1-6 – Scott Long
Hopes, Wishes and Dreams – Scott Long
The Pieces Of Prayer – Ethan Hulsey
Edification – Angelo Miozza
Follow Me – Scott Long
By This You Will Know – Scott Long
Philip The Apostle – Scott Long
Luke 2 – Scott Long
Peace On Earth Goodwill Toward Men – Scott Long

The Traits of a Fool – Scott Long
The Cycle Of Judges – Scott Long
Watch And Pray.MP3 – Scott Long
Lessons From The Judges.MP3 – Scott Long
The Why Of Attendance – Scott Long
Moses And Us – Scott Long
Torture And The Christian – Jeff Smelser
Proverb 6 And 7 Things – Scott Long
Determining Authority – Scott Long
The Attitudes Of Growing Believers – Scott Long
The Biblical View Of Money – Scott Long
Marking – Scott Long
Samson – Scott Long
Sin In The Camp – Scott Long
Slander – Scott Long
Congregational Autonomy – Scott Long
Increase And Abound – Scott Long
Gideon – Scott Long
The Armor Of God, Pt1 – Scott Long
The Armor Of God, Pt2 – Scott Long
The Armor Of God, Pt3 – Scott Long
The Crucifixion In John – Tim Long
Assuming The Best – Jeff Smelser
Good Stewards – Wes Gossett
Fire Goes Forth – Doug Focht
Carrying The Name Of The Lord – Doug Focht
What Can’t I Change And What Can I Change – Stephen Rouse
An Assembly First Century Christians Would Not Recognize – Scott Long
Sad Account Of The Wilderness Wanderers – Scott Long
Striving About Words – Scott Long
Two Adams – Scott Long
Take Action – Ethan Hulsey
Dark Days – Scott Long
The Beatitudes, Pt 1 – Scott Long
The Beatitudes, Pt 2 – Scott Long
Salt And Light – Scott Long
Jesus Fulfilled The Law – Scott Long
Famine, Pestilence, Sword, and Wild Beasts – Scott Long
But I Say To You, Pt 1 – Scott Long
But I Say To You, Pt2 – Scott Long
Faith And The Age Of The Earth – Jeff Smelser
Do Not Be Like The Hypocrites – Scott Long
The Model Prayer – Scott Long
Prayer And Priority – Scott Long
Worry – Scott Long
The Christian’s Response To Persecution – Scott Long
Ask, Seek, Knock – Scott Long
The Three Women Of Proverbs – Scott Smelser
Stable Families – Jeff Smelser
The New Exodus – Joe Works
The Five Excuses Of Moses – Joe Works
Sin At One Congregation And Go To Another – James Baker
Matthew 7 vs 12 – Scott Long
False Teachers – Scott Long
Moses, Water From The Rock, And Us – Scott Long
Elijah – Scott Long
Circumstances Leading David To Goliath – Scott Long
Enter David – Scott Long
Caused To Feel Like A Prophet – Scott Long
The Antichrist – Scott Long
Manasseh – Scott Long
Begotten – Scott Long
Is There A Pattern – Scott Long

From Deuteronomy 11, vs12 – Scott Long
Bitterness – Scott Long
Leprosy As Representative Of Sin – Scott Long
Your Sin – Scott Long
Anxiety – Scott Long
The Wheat And The Tares – Scott Long
The Baptism Of Jesus – Scott Long
Where God Dwells – Scott Long
Confessing Our Sins – Scott Long
Playing Hurt – Scott Long
Inheritance – Scott Long
Elders 2, The Qualifications – Scott Long
Elders 3, The Qualifications – Scott Long
There Is An Afterlife – Scott Long
Was There Forgiveness Of Sin Under The Old Covenant – Jon Homer
Zeal: What It Is, Where It Comes From, Why It Matters – Jason Hardin
How to Build and Maintain a Spiritual Fire for the Lord – Jason Hardin
When I’m Disappointed in the Church – Jason Hardin
Rising Above Lukewarm Christianity – Jason Hardin
The Affections That Feed the Springs of Life – Jason Hardin
You Are Going To Hell – Scott Long
Baptism and Ceremony – Jeff Smelser
Elders Pt 3, Appointment – Scott Long
Be Holy – Scott Long
Death and Dying – Ed Ault
Premilleniallism – Scott Long
The Law of Liberty – Scott Long
Christ Is Reigning Now – Scott Long
Numbers 12 and No Fear – Scott Long
Nakedness – Tim Long
Where Two Or Three Are Gathered – Scott Long
The Underpinnings Of America – Scott Long
Partakers – Scott Long
The Thief On The Cross – Jeff Smelser
The Acceptable Year Of The Lord – Scott Long
Your Last Day On Earth – Scott Long
A Man After God’s Own Heart – Ethan Hulsey
David and Lust – Scott Long
Nathan – Scott Long
David’s Confession – Scott Long
The Sadducees Question Jesus – Scott Long
Begin Here – Dan Walston
Elders Pt 4 – The Job – Scott Long
Elders Pt 5 – Elders’ Wives – Scott Long
Miracles – Scott Long
God’s View Of Man – Ed Ault
Why Six Days Of Creation Matters – Ethan Hulsey
The Healing Of A Boy – Scott Long
2 Timothy 4:1-5 – Scott Long
Press On – Scott Long
Toward A Better Prayer Life – Jeff Smelser
Toward A Better Understanding And Apllication Of The Word – Jon Focht
Toward A Better Resistance To Temptation – Bob James
Toward A Greater Committment To God – Bob James
Toward A Better Marriage – Dennis Adams
Relationships Between Brethren – Scott Long
If – Scott Long
Longsuffering – Scott Long
The Sacrifice of Christians – Scott Long
Correction – Scott Long
Revilers – Scott Long
The Salvation Army – Scott Long
How We Speak About People – Ed Ault
Pop Christianity – Scott Long
Liberalism, Institutionalism – Scott Long
The Case For Biblical Authority In All Things, Pt 1 – Scott Long
The Case For Biblical Authority In All Things, Pt 2 – Scott Long
Christian Conduct – David Stevens

Who Are We, Pt 1 – Scott Long
Who Are We, Pt 2 – Scott Long
Physical Adversity – Angelo Miozza
Theistic Evolution – Scott Long
Being a Leader – Jake Schaffer
Works and Baptism – Scott Long
The Ladder – Scott Long
Fundamental Marriage, Divorce, Remarriage – Jeff Smelser
Preaching – Scott Long
The Preacher’s Responsibility – Scott Long
Nadab and Abihu – Scott Long
Mark 9 verse 1 – Scott Long
The Congregation’s Responsibility – Scott Long
The Poor – Scott Long
Three Lessons – Zach Miozza, Colin Schnupp, Jeb Walston
Overcoming Tragedy – Stephen Glaus
Are You Excited To Be A Christian – Scott Long
Were Adam And Eve Real – Scott Long
Fitting In – Jeff Smelser
The Good Samaritan – Scott Long
Word Of Faith – Scott Long
Sin – Scott Long
The Ugliness of Sin – Scott Long
The Power Of Words – Stephen Glaus
Original Sin – Scott Long
Developing A Heart That Wants To Reach The Lost – Jerry Falk
Developing Humility and Avoiding Pride – Joe Works
Developing Brotherly Relationships and Keeping Them Brotherly – Antoine Holloway
Developing a Total Love and Commitment For God – Antoine Holloway
Developing The Proper Tongue – Jeff Smelser
Everybody Sins – Scott Long
Planning For Retirement – Stephen Glaus
Attributes of a Christian – David Stevens
2 Timothy 2:24-26 – Scott Long
Temptation – Scott Long
Pornography – Scott Long
Song Of Songs Pt 1 – Scott Long
Song Of Songs, Pt 2 – Scott Long
Who Will Build The Lord’s House – Jeff Smelser
Marks Of True Devotion – Scott Long
Suicide – Scott Long
Does Man Have A Choice – Stephen Glaus
Church Government – Scott Long
What Type Of Man – Scott Long
Daniel 11 Historical Events Foretold – Jeff Smelser
Blind Leading The Blind – Scott Long
The Church Pt 1 – Stephen Glaus
The Church Pt 2 – Stephen Glaus
The Church Pt 3 – Stephen Glaus
1 Peter 4:11 – Scott Long
The Letter To The Church At Ephesus – Scott Long
The Letter To The Church At Smyra – Scott Long
The Letter To The Church At Pergamum – Scott Long
The Letter To The Church At Thyatira – Scott Long
The Letter To The Church At Sardis – Scott Long
Three Moments – Brent Willey
Three Things I Learned – Brent Willey
What Works – Brent Willey
God’s Worker – Brent Willey
Paying Closer Attention – Brent Willey
The Conclusion of the Whole Matter – Brent Willey
The Letter To The Church At Philadelphia – Scott Long
The Letter To The Church At Thyatira – Scott Long
Women Speaking – Jeff Smelser
Tolerance – Scott Long
Thanks and Thanksgiving – Scott Long
The Jews, A Curse and A Blessing – Scott Long
Make Your Choice – Scott Long
A Just God – Scott Long
Materialism – Scott Long
The Birth Of Jesus – Scott Long
Proper Emphasis AND The 10 Its – Jeff White and Gary Schnupp
Everyday Christianity – Percy Wilson

Overcoming Doubt and Discouragement – Stephen Glaus
Profanity – Scott Long
Let Us Resolve To Work – Scott Long
Sifted Like Wheat – Scott Long
Reverence In Listening To The Word Of God – Scott Long
What Does The Word Accomplish – Dan Walston
We Must Crucify – Scott Long
Following Jesus – Jeff Smelser
Another-Gospel and Inspiration, Galatians 1 – Scott Long
Faith and Law, Galatians 2-3 – Scott Long
Heirs According To The Promise, Gal 3-4 – Scott Long
Sarah and Hagar, Galatians 4 – Scott Long
What is Islam – Scott Long
Is Islam Compatible With Christianity – Scott Long
Flesh, Galatians 5 – Scott Long
Zeal – Scott Long
Barnabas and Encouragement – Scott Long
Boldness To Proclaim The Word – Joe Works
Boldness To Proclaim The Word 1 – Joe Works
Boldness To Approach The Throne Of Grace – Rod Amonett
Boldness Against Fear – Doug Focht
Boldness In Hope – Doug Focht
Boldness In The Day Of Judgment – Jeff Smelser
Looking Like The World – Scott Long
The Biblical Case Against Marijuana – Scott Long
Your Body The Temple – Scott Long
Endurance – Stephen Rouse
Of Stumbling Blocks and Offenses – Scott Long
Jehovahs Witnesses – Scott Long
Anger – Scott Long
Lamentations – Tim Long
Submitting To God – Jake Schaefer
Silence of the Scriptures – Scott Long
Fishers of Men – Stephen Glaus
Demon Possession – Scott Long
The Sunday Morning Christian – Scott Long
Paul and Love 1 Corinthians 13 – Scott Long
The Heart Of A Servant – Scott Long
In The Heavenlies – Scott Long
Some Of The Objections To Baptism – Scott Long
An Epistle To The Church At Marietta – Jake Schaffer
Do Not Be Deceived God Is Not Mocked – Jeff Smelser
Zacchaeus – Scott Long
Matthew Vine’s Study Of Homosexuality – Scott Long
The Gospel, When Did It Begin – Scott Long
The Gate And The Way – Scott Long
Believing The Lie – Scott Long
The Christian And His Brethren – Dale Smelser
The Christian And His Family – Jon Focht
The Christian And His Lord – Dennis Adams
The Christian And His Worship – Dennis Adams
The Christian And His Neighbor – James Baker
How Long Were Adam And Eve In The Garden And Reasoning – Scott Long
Noah and the Flood – Scott Long
You Are The Light Of The World – Scott Long
When Things Go Wrong (Joseph) – Scott Long
The Temptation of Jesus – David Stevens
A Contradiction About Children – Scott Long
Dressing Up For Worship – Scott Long
Jesus Is Our Peace – Jeff Smelser
God Loves Us – Scott Long
Tragedy – Scott Long

A Renewed Attitude For a New Year – Scott Long
Commit To God – Scott Long
Noah’s Ark and Perseverance – Jeff Smelser
The Crown – Scott Long
Jude 4-25 – Scott Long
Excuses and Reasons – Scott Long
Preaching the Truth, from Ezekiel – Scott Long
Remnant – Scott Long
Resurrection – Jeff Smelser
They Worshiped and Served the Creature – Scott Long
The Ministry of Reconciliation – Scott Long
Bitter Words at Jesus’ Death – Bill Echols
Titus 3:4-7 – Scott Long
Respect God – Scott Long
Personal Responsibility – Scott Long
What We Need To Do As Christians – Dan Bunting
What We Need To Do As Christians – Dan Bunting
Thoughts On The Lord’s Supper – Scott Long
Ezekiel’s Judgment – Scott Long
Romans 12:1-2 – Tim Broadwell
Revelation Part 1 – Alan Williamson
Revelation Part 2 – Alan Williamson
The Book Of Ezekiel – Scott Long
Behold The Man – Scott Long
Micaiah – Scott Long
Defensive Reaction To Instruction – Jeff Smelser
Rejoicing in The Lord – Wes Gossett
Let Your Gentleness Be Known To All Men – Scott Smelser
Be Anxious For Nothing – Antoine Holloway
Prayer And Supplication – Antoine Holloway
The Peace Of God – James Baker
The Importance of Purity – Scott Long
Hedges – Luke Douthitt
Rahab – Scott Long
Modesty From Another Angle – Scott Long
What Does It mean To Wear The Name Christian – Jon Homer
Confession – Jeff Smelser
God’s Use Of Nobodies – Scott Long
Accepting Wise Counsel – Scott Long
Honoring Father and Mother – Scott Long
Jesus Is – Scott Long
Education – Jeff Smelser
How Can The Most Evil Be Saved – Scott Long
Ezekiel 16 – Scott Long
The Body Passages – Scott Long
The Congregation – Scott Long
Philip and the Eunuch – Jeff Smelser
Jesus – Tim Broadwell
Congregational Cooperation – Scott Long
Leaving a Congregation – Scott Long
The Dispute Between Paul and Barnabas – Scott Long
Are There Two Gospels – Scott Long
Be Not Deceived – Scott Long
God Is Not Mocked – Scott Long
Righteousness, Self Control, and the Judgment – Scott Long
Gal 6:12-17 – Scott Long
Womanhood – Scott Long
Did The Jews Kill Jesus – Scott Long
The Apostles and Unity – Scott Long
True Unity – Scott Long
The Pearl Of Great Price – Scott Long
Persistent In Prayer – Scott Long
Commitment – Scott Long
God Dwelling With Man – Jeff Smelser
Sacrifices – Scott Long
Esteeming Days – Scott Long
Heirs According To The Promise Gal 3:4 – Scott Long

Mark 1:21-28 – Scott Long
Universalist Unitarians – Scott Long
Who Is Your Example – Dan Walston
Who Is A Christian – Scott Long
Warnings In Hebrews – Scott Long
Hebrews 6:4-6 – Scott Long
Eli’s Bad Example – Scott Long
Who Is A Spiritual Person – Scott Long
Joy – Scott Long
Joy Part 2 – Scott Long
More Joy (A Poor Effort At Clarification) – Scott Long
What Is A Miracle – Scott Long
Miracles Today – Scott Long
Universal Church – Jeff Smelser
Global Warming – Andy Owens
Making Faith Your Own – Brent Willey
Seeing Jesus In Our Lives – Brent Willey
The Latitude Of Attitude – Brent Willey
Standing Your Place – Brent Willey
Past Perfect Future – Brent Willey
John 9 – Scott Long
Jesus’ Miracles Real & Reactions – Scott Long
Congregational Unity – Jeff Smelser
One Accord – Scott Long
God, Slow To Anger & Abounding In Love – Scott Long
Mothers – Bill Echols
Integrity – Scott Long
Job’s Ifs – Scott Long
Rebellion – Scott Long
Self-control – Scott Long
Losing Our Children – Scott Long
Making Your Calling And Election Sure – Wes Gossett
Nations – Scott Long
Acts 14:8-20 – Scott Long
Seeking And Giving Forgiveness – Jeff Smelser
1 Peter 3:8 – Scott Long
Galatians 6:3 – Scott Long
Making A Gospel Meeting Successful – Bill Echols
Colossians 3:1-3 – Scott Long
Comparing Abraham’s Blessings With Christians’ – Scott Long
Keep Me From Secret Sin – Scott Long
Preparation For Pentecost – James Finney
Pentecost – James Finney
Advancement of the Church – James Finney
From Generation To Generation – James Finney
How To Live By Faith – James Finney
Seek God – Scott Long
Baptism – Scott Long
John 5:28-29 – Scott Long
Apologetics – Jon Homer
The End – Scott Long
Good Works – Scott Long
Encouragement – Scott Long
Matthew 6:25-34 – Scott Long
Clean Or Dirty Garments – Scott Long
Zechariah – Scott Long
The Sympathizing God – Gardner Hall
Jesus Washes the Disciples’ Feet – Gardner Hall
Walking With God – Gardner Hall
Refuge – Gardner Hall
Can We Be Confident Of Our Salvation – Gardner Hall
Tabitha – Scott Long
Evangelism – Scott Long
Fight The Good Fight – Scott Long
Inward-directed Congregations – Scott Long
Responsibilties to the Local Church – Percy Wilson
Be Holy – Scott Long
Matthew 18:15-17 – Scott Long
The Validity of Paul’s Writings – Jeff Smelser
Jude – Scott Long
Be Worthy – Scott Long

Rights and Responsibilities – Scott Long
Acts 2 – Bill Echols
Meekness – Scott Long
The Tower of Babel – Scott Long
Our Influence – Jeff Smelser
The Kingdom – Scott Long
The Future Of Israel – Scott Long
Acts Pt 2 – Jeff Smelser
Romans 6:5 – Scott Long
John 13:1-17 – Scott Long
Living In The Midst Of a Crooked and Perverse Generation – Scott Smelser
Joshua and the Right Choice – Jon Focht
From Darkness To Light – Scott Long
Manna and Jesus – Jeff Smelser
Vessels – Scott Long
The Day of the Lord – Scott Long
Teachers – Scott Long
The Tongue Pt 1 – Scott Long
The Tongue Pt 2 – Scott Long
The Decay of Sin – Jeff Smelser
Pilate’s Questions – Scott Long
God and Suffering – Scott Long
Note and Avoid Them – Scott Long
Godly Sorrow – Scott Long
War and the Christian – Jeff Smelser
Repentance – Scott Long
1 Tim 2:9-10 – Scott Long
The Fall of the Wall – Jeff White
Modesty – Scott Long
Scriptural Facts About Jesus – Scott Long
TULIP – Scott Long
Discipline – Jeff Smelser
Daniel & His Companions – Scott Long
The Express Image of His Person – Scott Long
Ashamed Of Jesus – Scott Long
Get Behind Me Satan – Scott Long
Drawing The Line – Scott Long
Jesus Learned Obedience – Scott Long
Mariology – Scott Long
Our Obedience – Scott Long
For God Did Not – Scott Long
Foundations and Husband – Scott Smelser
Wives – Scott Smelser
Parenting – Scott Smelser
Love – Scott Long
Love of Brethren – Scott Long
Fasting – Scott Long
Bread of Heaven Literally, or Not – Scott Long
6 Rules For Disagreeing With Brethren – Scott Long
Titus 3:4-7 – Scott Long
Mankind’s Common Ancestor – Jeff Smelser
Shake Off the Dust – Scott Long

Do Not Judge – Scott Long
True Tabernacle – Jeff Smelser
A Loving God & Hell – Scott Long
Gideon & the 300 – Daniel Moseley
Goodness – Sewell Hall
The Sower – Sewell Hall
Who Will Govern My Life – Sewell Hall
The Prosperity Gospel – Scott Long
Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit – Scott Long
Peter, Progression of Sin – David Delk
Love the Lord God – Mark Moseley
Restoration & Repentance – Daniel Moseley
Present Your Body – Scott Long
Comparing Two Sermons – Tim Long
Marks of True Devotion – Scott Long
Building Your House – Scott Long
Revelation – Jeff Smelser
The Ascension – Scott Long
Friendship – Scott Long
Daniel – Jeff Smelser
Abraham & Isaac – David Delk
Grieving – Scott Long
The Age of the Earth – Jeff Smelser
Timeline of Baptism – Scott Long
Paul’s Journey & Thorn – Scott Long
Mean What You Sing – Wilson Legg
Our Work As Christians – Scott Long
A Line In The Sand – Al Diestelkamp
The Way Of Escape – Al Diestelkamp
A Time To Speak – Al Diestelkamp
Honorable Contact Among All – Al Diestelkamp
Crucified With Christ – Al Diestelkamp
Homosexuality – Scott Long
Precious Gifts – Jim Ruff
Pharisee & Tax Collector – Scott Long
Who Is Greatest – Scott Long
Elijah & John – Jeff Smelser
To Grads & Future Grads – Scott Long
Spiritual Hunger – David Delk
It Is The Very Word Of God – Scott Long
The Old God & The New God – Scott Long
Money & Disagreement – Scott Long
Victory Over Death – Jeff Smelser
Decisions – David Delk
Overcoming – Tim Long
Gehazi – Scott Long
Sins of Attitude – Donald Salmon
Those Sinners – Scott Long
Peace On Earth – Scott Long
Excuses – Scott Long
Purposeful Christianity – Luke Douthitt
Glorifying God – Scott Long
The Sermon on the Plain – Scott Long
Choices – Scott Long
Church Catering To Our Needs – James Baker
A Whale of a Tale – Dave Brewer
Evolution vs Creation – Dave Brewer
The Fruits of Evolution – Dave Brewer
Theistic Evolution – Dave Brewer
This Is My Father’s World – Dave Brewer
Leprosy & Sin – David Delk
Genesis 4:12 – Scott Long
Evangelism, Part 1, Scott Long
Evangelism, Part 2, Scott Long
Exodus From Sin – David Delk
Evangelism, Part 3 – Scott Long
The Rest That Remains – Scott Long
Revelation – Jeff Smelser

Send Someone Else – Scott Long
Being A Successful Congregation- David Raif
Worldliness – Scott Long
Ephesians – Jeff Smelser
1 Chron 28:20 – John Focht
Sorrow For Sin – David Raif
James 1:22-25 – Scott Long
The Foolishness Of God – Luke Douthitt
1 Cor 11:9 – Scott Long
When God Does Not Hear – Scott Long
Jesus In Prayer – Scott Long
Life From God’s View – Scott Long
Jonah – Wilson Legg
Religious Truth – Jim Nunn
The Point, Power, and Propulsion of the Gospel – Mark Moseley
Seeking A Preacher – Jeff Smelser
Faith From God – Scott Long
I AM – Jeff Smelser
Acts 2 – Brandon Trout
Paul – Brandon Trout
Building Attitudes, Nehemiah – Brent Willey
Action More Than Words – Brent Willey
Faith In Action – Brent Willey
Action Vs Reaction & The Active Body – Brent Willey
Minds Prepared For Action – Brent Willey
Laodicia – Scott Long
Ruth – Daniel Moseley
Leisure Time – Scott Long
The Need To Be Faithful – Dave Brewer
Almost Persuaded – Tim Long
Hell – Don Morrison
No Thanks – Scott Long
The Importance Of Being Thankful – Scott Long
Acts 2 – Jeff Smelser
The Armor Of God – Scott Long
Born Again – Scott Long
Good Deeds – James Baker
Seven Sayings Of Christ On The Cross, Part 1 – Percy Wilson
Seven Sayings Of Christ On The Cross, Part 2 – Percy Wilson
The Family of God – Scott Long


The Genealogy of Jesus – Clarence Johnson


Galatians 6 And The 3 Bears – Clarence Johnson
Saved By Grace Through Faith – Clarence Johnson
We Should Not Complain – Clarence Johnson
What Is Your Life? – Clarence Johnson
Calling On The Name of The Lord – Clarence Johnson
Drifting – Clarence Johnson
Now That I Have Become A Christian – Bill Moseley
Have You Eaten Well? – Bill Moseley
Temptation – Bill Moseley
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