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Date Article Author
1/3/99 Isaiah's Decision To Go and Tell Clarence R. Johnson
1/3/99 The Design of Baptism Foy E. Wallace
1/10/99 How To “Fire” Your Preacher Forrest D. Moyer
1/10/99 Rachel Weeping for Her Children Tant Williams, Jr.
1/17/99 Information, Please... Unknown
1/17/99 Just What Can You Do? Unknown
1/24/99 We Shall Not All Sleep Jon Quinn
1/31/99 State Of The Congregation (An Up-Date) Clarence R. Johnson
2/7/99 In Defense of the NBA Jere E. Frost
2/7/99 Should God Have Drowned Noah? Irving Himmel
2/14/99 Too Scary to Describe, OK to Do Jere E. Frost
2/21/99 Can You Spell Biblically Illiterate F. LaGard Smith
2/21/99 If I Had My Life To Live Over Erma Bombeck
2/28/99 Marilyn Vos Savant on the Big Bang Floyd Chappalear
2/28/99 The Infallibly Safe Course Stafford North
3/7/99 Safe Sex Andy Alexander
3/7/99 Three Answers to One Question Robert F. Turner
3/14/99 Falling From Grace Clarence R. Johnson
3/14/99 The Importance Of Preaching Unknown
3/21/99 Prove Me Now Herewith, Saith the Lord Clarence R. Johnson
3/28/99 Why No Instrumental Music Clarence R. Johnson
4/4/99 Abortion -- The Biblical Perspective Clarence R. Johnson
4/11/99 Personal Growth Ken Weliever
4/18/99 Self-Discipline Ken Weliever
4/25/99 Garfield's Example Unknown
4/25/99 Love Your Enemies Clarence R. Johnson
5/2/99 Evolution -- A Theory, Not A Proven Fact Clarence R. Johnson
5/2/99 Giving In Secret Unknown
5/2/99 The Church Building Is Sacred Bobby Worthington
5/9/99 Too Young To Learn Unknown
5/9/99 Travel Tips Matt Allen
5/16/99 He Restrained Them Not John Iverson
5/16/99 Looking for the Antichrist Tracy Schell
5/16/99 Please Hear My Complaint Clarence R. Johnson
5/23/99 Paul’s Natural Man R. L. Whiteside
5/23/99 The Book Of Life Clarence R. Johnson
5/23/99 Yes, I Believe In God Glen Young
5/30/99 First Things First Unknown
5/30/99 Has Knowledge Vanished Away Clarence R. Johnson
5/30/99 Jesus Didn’t Quit Clarence R. Johnson
6/6/99 Suicide Clarence R. Johnson
6/13/99 I'll Get Even Joe Fitch
6/13/99 Imagine Allison Reed
6/20/99 God's Noblemen Clarence R. Johnson
6/20/99 Testimony Of Darrell Scott Darrell Scott
6/27/99 Bart Revisited Rick Woodall
6/27/99 That's Your Opinion Clarence R. Johnson
6/27/99 The Rich Man Also Died Clarence R. Johnson
7/4/99 How Jesus Preached Clarence R. Johnson
7/4/99 Mary's Little Lamb Unknown
7/4/99 Predestination Preacher -- Practice What You Preach! Unknown
7/4/99 We Don't Just Go To Church.... Bill Crews
7/11/99 God and Capital Punishment Jere E. Frost
7/11/99 Originality Among Preachers And Writers Bill Hall
7/18/99 Are Examples Binding Clarence R. Johnson
7/25/99 10 Little Christians!!! Unknown
7/25/99 The Verdict Of The Majority Clarence R. Johnson
7/25/99 Your Sister Sodom Clarence R. Johnson
8/1/99 A Queen Who Would Not Dance At The Ball Unknown
8/1/99 Who’s Anti Now Dee Bowman
8/8/99 Divorce And Remarriage Schemes Clarence R. Johnson
8/8/99 Side By Side Unknown
8/15/99 It Takes a Village Glenn Conjiurske
8/15/99 Jesus Emptied Himself A Basic Approach T. Doy Moyer
8/22/99 Is Entertainment The Work Of The Church Guy F. Hester
8/22/99 MARK TWAIN in Life on the Mississippi Mark Twain
8/29/99 I Don't Love Her Anymore Greg Gwin
8/29/99 We Are Not Interested In Your Pocketbook Allan Turner
9/5/99 Jesus The Son Donald R. Givens
9/12/99 Good And Honest Hearts Ron Halbrook
9/12/99 Swimology David Atnip
9/19/99 Anyway J. Davis
9/19/99 Common Sense And God Clarence R. Johnson
9/19/99 The Effect Of The Feminist Movement On The Home Clarence R. Johnson
9/26/99 A Kingdom Of Priests Donald R. Givens
9/26/99 Toy Collectors David L. Watts
10/3/99 All Things To All Men Gardner Hall
10/3/99 If I Had A Hammer Steve Kline
10/10/99 Blue John Preaching Connie W. Adams
10/10/99 Immanuel -- “God With Us” Gardner Hall
10/17/99 The Gospel -- God’s Power To Save Clarence R. Johnson
10/24/99 Drugs, Sin, And Human Tragedy Gardner Hall
10/31/99 Respect:  “Honor All Clarence R. Johnson
10/31/99 The Silence Of The Lamb Of God Tom Edwards
11/7/99 An Open Letter To Max Lucado Robert L. (Bob) Craig
11/7/99 Constructive Criticism Joe Fitch
11/14/99 What Do Bones of Extinct Creatures Prove J. Princeton Simons
11/14/99 Your Soul Clarence R. Johnson
11/21/99 Andy Rooney Re Euphemisms Andy Rooney
11/21/99 For Safety's Sake... Unknown
11/21/99 Premillennial Hermeneutics Jim Ward
11/28/99 Self Deceit Percy R. Wilson, Jr.
11/28/99 What The Bible Can Do For Us Clarence R. Johnson
12/5/99 A Tragic Show -- Oft Repeated Bill Cavender
12/5/99 He Did Love Her And I Didn't Tell Her Don Vinzant
12/12/99 Blessed Is The Nation Whose God Is The Lord John Gipson
12/12/99 The Dividing Wedge Bobby Duncan
12/19/99 Animal Rights Clarence R. Johnson
12/26/99 Abortion And Slavery Gary Henry
12/26/99 Jacob's Ladder Clarence R. Johnson
12/26/99 John's Baptism W. L. Oliphant