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Date Article Author
1/2/00 All Hat, No Cattle Jeff S. Smith
1/2/00 Man vs. The Bible On Baptism Clarence R. Johnson
1/2/00 Signs of Idolatry Clarence R. Johnson
1/9/00 Changing The Standard Alan Smith
1/9/00 The Man Who “Walked” To Heaven Clarence R. Johnson
1/16/00 Some Things Jesus Never Said Johnnie Edwards
1/16/00 The Way We Were Al Diestlekamp
1/23/00 God Changed His Mind O. E. Watt
1/23/00 Innocent By Virtue Of Forgiveness Paul Earnhart
1/30/00 State Of The Congregation, January, 2000 Clarence R. Johnson
1/30/00 The “St. John Bible” Bill Reeves
2/6/00 No Room In The Inn Joe Fitch
2/6/00 Unicorns in the Bible Clarence R. Johnson
2/13/00 The Parable of the Householder Clarence R. Johnson
2/20/00 Finding The Virtuous Heart (Edited) Denny Freeman
2/27/00 A Class Teacher Who (Almost) Quit David Riggs
2/27/00 Who Started This “Argument From Silence” Paul Earnhar
3/5/00 Who Are These People, Anyway Clem Thurman
3/12/00 God's Power to Save David F. Sims
3/12/00 The Love Of Christ Clarence R. Johnson
3/19/00 America The Beautiful Judge Roy Moore
3/19/00 If You Go To Hell Joe Fitch
3/26/00 Opinions Which Separate Brethren Today Larry Ray Hafley
4/2/00 An Eye Surgeon, Who Went To China As A Missionary Unknown
4/2/00 Chief-Of-Sinner’s Prayer Al Diestelkamp
4/2/00 Has The Church Changed A. J. Zenthoefer
4/9/00 From A Preacher’s Notebook Dick Blackford
4/9/00 Tragedy In Uganda Clarence R. Johnson
4/16/00 Exception David Riggs
4/16/00 Purpose Of Evangelism James L. Finney
4/23/00 Would You Follow Jesus James L. Finney 
4/30/00 The Danger Of Prom Night Steve Curtis
5/7/00 Bethany And The Campbells Clarence Edward Macartney
5/7/00 Your Mission Field Clarence R. Johnson
5/14/00 Ending The Confusion Tim Maness
5/14/00 Things I Learned From Mother Clarence R. Johnson
5/21/00 The Lord's Supper: A Weekly Communion Clarence R. Johnson
5/28/00 School Shootings...The Fruits Of Our State Religion Jerry C. Brewer
6/4/00 Mysteries Of Life William Jennings Bryan
6/4/00 The Indwelling Spirit Foy Short
6/11/00 God Wants The Church To Grow Clarence R. Johnson
6/11/00 WWJD? Or WDJD? David Diestelkamp
6/18/00 How Far Is It To Church? Clarence R. Johnson
6/18/00 How to Raise Your Parents Unknown
6/25/00 Rights Clarence R. Johnson
6/25/00 Some Voices from the Past Clarence R. Johnson
7/2/00 If 99.9 Were Good Enough: Unknown
7/2/00 The Sinner’s Prayer Weldon E. Warnock
7/2/00 How Much How Often Robert F. Turner
7/9/00 A Thought For Clock Watchers Alan Smith
7/9/00 Nothing To Live For David Watts
7/9/00 The Sinner’s Prayer Bobby L. Graham
7/16/00 Steamed Up Over A Sermon? John Clark
7/16/00 The Christian And His Responsibility To The Handicapped M. Timmerman, Jr.
7/23/00 Black and White Steve Vaus
7/23/00 The Church Of Christ Is Not A Cult Wayne Jackson 
7/30/00 One Visitors Reaction to the Church of Christ Paul W. Travis
7/30/00 Women “Pastors” Ken Chumbley
8/6/00 Give Me The Thousand Words John Featherston
8/6/00 The Book of Books Carl A. Allen
8/13/00 An Obscure Servant Keith Kasarjian
8/13/00 The Two Greatest Problems in the Church Dan Winkler
8/20/00 Do I Have To Keep All Commands From The Lord Percy R. Wilson, Jr.
8/27/00 New Fashions In Dress Ron Halbrook
8/27/00 The Death Penalty Robert L. Schales
9/3/00 How To Establish Authority Floyd Chappelear
9/10/00 Marriage David Edwin Harrell
9/10/00 My Everything Hugo McCord
9/17/00 My Child B. J. Hoff
9/24/00 An Unpleasant Truth Clarence R. Johnson
9/24/00 I'm Not Included Joe Fitch
10/1/00 Meditations At A Grave Bill Humble
10/1/00 World In A Village Unknown
10/8/00 Approved Lying Joe Fitch
10/8/00 Lie Not Joe Fitch
10/15/00 Nobody’s Perfect Clarence R. Johnson
10/15/00 The Lesson Unknown
10/22/00 Whose Church Is It? Glen Young 
10/22/00 Your Biography Jere E. Frost
10/29/00 Christ’s Kingdom In Old Testament Prophecy Clarence R. Johnson
11/5/00 The Kingdom Of Jehovah’s Witnesses Is Nearly 1900 Years Too Late Carrol R. Sutton
11/12/00 An Infidels Thoughts About God Lewis Willis
11/19/00 Are You For Eighty-Six Jeff S. Smith
11/26/00 A Nice Stranger Unknown
11/26/00 The Finger Of God Clarence R. Johnson
12/3/00 The Parable Of The Blower Unknown
12/3/00 The So-Called “Curse Of Ham” Clarence R. Johnson
12/10/00 The Inspiration And Reliability Of The New Testament Scriptures Clarence R. Johnson
12/17/00 Unscriptural Words And Doctrines Clarence R. Johnson
12/17/00 What We Face Robert W. Goodman
12/24/00 Psalm 33 John Gipson
12/24/00 Worship or Entertainment Paul Smithson
12/31/00 Baptist Pulpit In A Church Of Christ Leon McBeth
12/31/00 Preparing The Soil John Smith