Date Article Author
1/7/01   Brother Phillips’ Testament And Tie Edward O. Bragwell, Sr.
1/7/01   Ten Reasons Why I Never Wash Unknown
1/14/01   Strait Jacket Jim Ward
1/14/01   The Devils Beatitudes David Riggs
1/21/01   Not A Full Service Church Unknown
1/21/01   Strength Made Perfect in Weakness Alan Smith
1/21/01   The Mission Of The Church B.C. Goodpasture
1/28/01   State Of The Congregation, January, 2001 Clarence R. Johnson
2/4/01   The Responsibilities Of Religious Freedom Robert F. Turner
2/4/01   Whose Values? Dos Plumas
2/11/01   Choosing The Right Way Guthrie D. Dean
2/11/01   Will You “Swallow” Anything Oliver Murray
2/18/01   Choices Joe Fitch
2/18/01   God Within Us Unknown
2/18/01   Who Is A Christian Maxie B. Boren
2/25/01   The Jehovah Witnesses Dudley Ross Spears
3/4/01   Thoughts On Origins Dick Blackford
3/4/01   Early Christian Tomb Discovered In Israel Unknown
3/11/01   “Daddy Won’t Be Coming Home” Bob Dickey
3/11/01   Changing, To Avoid Change Robert F. Turner
3/11/01   A Night To Remember Bothwell Graham III
3/18/01   Good Singing!? Glen Young
3/18/01   Vows David Riggs
3/25/01   From “Reminiscences Of James A Garfield” C.E. Fuller
3/25/01   No Time L. M.
4/01/01   Absence Is A Symptom Unknown
4/01/01   From A List For Preachers Unknown
4/08/01   A "Recipe" And A Story To Go With It Clarence R. Johnson
4/08/01   Highway To Heaven Clarence R. Johnson
4/15/01   For All The Negative Things We Have To Say... Unknown
4/15/01   For The Next Traveler Unknown
4/15/01   The Body Of Christ Carrol R. Sutton
4/22/01   Whoever Desires To Be Great Clarence R. Johnson
4/22/01   Are The Jews God’s Chosen People Today? Maxie B. Boren
4/22/01   Something To Think About Unknown
4/29/01   They Received Sight And Followed Him Clarence R. Johnson
4/29/01   Prejudiced Against The Bible Bob Buchanon
4/29/01   Nothing Happened In July 1999 Gardner Hall
5/06/01   The Triumphant Entry Into Jerusalem Clarence R. Johnson
5/06/01   Three False Concepts Of 1 Peter 3:21 Tom Edwards
5/13/01   Cleansing The Temple Clarence R. Johnson
5/13/01   You Can Just Be A Christian... Raford J. Petty
5/13/01   The Bible: Who Needs It Charles N. Spence, Jr.
5/13/01   Our Abundance Clarence R. Johnson
5/20/01   Hosanna To The Son Of David! Clarence R. Johnson
5/20/01   “Do Not Be Ashamed” James L. Finney
5/20/01   Baptists Seek To Convert Jews Ronald D. Gilbert
5/27/01   The Withered Fig Tree Clarence R. Johnson
5/27/01   Why Send For Peter? Robert F. Turner
5/27/01   In Search Of Noah's Ark Berlin Chumbley
5/27/01   "You Took My Place" Unknown
6/03/01   Accepting Jesus Tim Smith
6/10/01   Born In Sin? Or Ezekiel 18? Harold E. Turner
6/10/01   A Hard Headed Preacher Jesse G. Jenkins
6/17/01   I Am Most Thankful For... Douglas R. Clevenger
6/17/01   God Let Loose In High-School Graduation!! Cal Thomas
6/17/01   The World's Bible Wendell Ward
6/24/01   Lessons From Life Alan Smith
6/24/01   Changing The Translation Hugo McCord
7/01/01   Which Son Did His Father's Will? Clarence R. Johnson
7/01/01   I Was Also Embarrassed Glen Wallace
7/01/01   How Much, How Often Robert F. Turner
7/01/01   Is Heaven In The Yellow Pages? Unknown
7/01/01   The Rapture Clarence R. Johnson
7/08/01   "Be Sure Your Sin Will Find You Out" Tom Edwards
7/08/01   Today I Will... Unknown
7/08/01   Rochester College Hugo McCord
7/15/01   The Lord's Day And The Lord's Supper R.L. Whiteside
7/15/01   The Heart Of Christianity -- The Resurrection Bob Buchanon
7/15/01   Wise People Calm Anger Down Alan Smith
7/22/01   The People Of God Robert F. Turner
7/22/01   No Portrait Unknown
7/29/01   The God Of The Living Clarence R. Johnson
7/29/01   Hungry, For What? Robert F. Turner
8/05/01   Perish The Thought Dan S. Shipley
8/05/01   The Abortion Pill John Isaac Edwards
8/05/01   PJ vs. JC Jon Quinn
8/12/01   Scriptural Worship Clarence R. Johnson
8/12/01   Perhaps He Had A Point Unknown
8/19/01   "One Is Your Teacher, And You Are All Brethren" Clarence R. Johnson
8/19/01   "Is It Really The Same Old Ax?" Clarence R. Johnson
8/19/01   Should The Church Build A Gymnasium? Garland M. Robinson
8/26/01   Gnats And Camels Clarence R. Johnson
8/26/01   How Can I Know What Is Right? Steven Harper
8/26/01   Modern Baptists And Paul Tim Smith
9/02/01   Call Home Dee Bowman
9/02/01   A Blank Piece Of Paper Craig D. Straight
9/09/01   Love And Marriage Dee Bowman
9/09/01   I Am A Soldier Unknown
9/16/01   When Shall These Things Be? Clarence R. Johnson
9/16/01   Who Is Pentecostal? Robert W. Goodman
9/16/01   Special Series Of Studies At Glen Burnie, Maryland Floyd Chappelear
9/23/01   The Problem Of Lying Dee Bowman
9/23/01   Wrong Judgment Unknown
9/30/01   Some Thoughts About The Terroristic Attack Robert W. Goodman
9/30/01   Our Own Bob Craig
10/07/01   Pied Pipers Robert W. Goodman
10/07/01   God Forgave Her -- But Oh The Awful Memory Leon Odom
10/07/01   The Monkey Trap Jack Blanchard
10/14/01   When A Good Relationship With God Isn't Joe Fitch
10/14/01   Security Robert W. Goodman
10/21/01   The Parable Of The Fig Tree Clarence R. Johnson
10/21/01   What Are You Looking For In A Church? James E. Cooper
10/21/01   Respectable Science Gives Evidence Clarence R. Johnson
10/21/01   Did You Ever Hear Of A Man... Unknown
10/28/01   "Seize The Moment" Unknown
10/28/01   Give Me The Truth Bill Crews
11/04/01   Who Is A Faithful And Wise Servant? Clarence R. Johnson
11/04/01   Learned And Learning Unknown
11/04/01   Ever Been Hit With A Brick? Joe McKeever
11/11/01   The Wrath Of Grapes J.S. Smith
11/11/01   She Knew Too Much Bible Unknown
11/18/01   How To Help Your Preacher Ancil Jenkins
11/18/01   "They Said And Do Not Do" Clarence R. Johnson
11/18/01   He Packed A Library Unknown
11/25/01   The Parable Of The Sheep And The Goats Clarence R. Johnson
11/25/01   Do We Have A Genuine Bible? Robert W. Goodman
12/02/01   The Indwelling Of The Spirit Clarence R. Johnson
12/02/01   "Eye Hath Not Seen, Nor Ear Heard" Robert Jackson
12/09/01   The Anointing By Mary Of Bethany Clarence R. Johnson
12/09/01   Authorized Aids Larry Ray Hafley
12/09/01   How Can We Blame It All On Guns? Paul Harvey
12/16/01   Judas Strikes A Deal Clarence R. Johnson
12/16/01   The Story Of A Strange Marriage Unknown
12/16/01   Premillennialism Vernon R. Teagarden
12/16/01   On Being Polite Larry Ray Hafley
12/23/01   Worship Is Not For Our Entertainment Ron Boatwright
12/23/01   "God Just Laid This On My Heart" Dalton Key
12/23/01   Non-Judgmental Connie W. Adams
12/30/01   An Overview Of Mechanical Instrumental Music Clarence R. Johnson