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Date Article Author
1/06/02 Look For The Lowest Seat Glen Young
1/06/02 Christian Carl A. Allen
1/06/02 How To Remain Faithful Randy Kea
1/13/02 Speaking In Tongues Clarence R. Johnson
1/13/02 Kill The Umpire! Andy Diestelkamp
1/13/02 An Artificially Contrived Rivalry J. Princeton Simons
1/20/02 Shepherd Stricken, Sheep Scattered Clarence R. Johnson
1/20/02 Did Jesus Die For This? Clarence R. Johnson
1/20/02 Can We Learn A Lesson? Larry Devore
1/20/02 The Difference Between Homicide And The Right To Choose Johnny Stringer
1/20/02 Walking, Talking Bibles Max Johnson
1/27/02 State Of The Congregation, January, 2002 Clarence R. Johnson
1/27/02 Things Associated With Baptism Tom Moody
1/27/02 "Signs" Of The End (?) Clarence R. Johnson
2/3/02 Options That Married People Do Not Have Bill Crews
2/3/02 Spiritual Casualties Jack Critchfield
2/10/02 Barzillai David Smitherman
2/10/02 Tammy Faye Says You're Okay! J.S. Smith
2/17/02 "Put Your Sword In It's Place" Clarence R. Johnson
2/17/02 Running The Church Like A Business Al Diestelkamp
2/17/02 What Would You Preach? Robert Jackson
2/24/02 We've Got The Spirit Jim Everitt
2/24/02 What I Owe My Home Congregation Frank L. Cox
2/24/02 Cheap Christianity Vance Havner
3/3/02 The Tabloids John McCranie
3/3/02 The Truth About Beer Dub McClish
3/3/02 Teaching Children True Values Raford J. Petty
3/10/02 You Never Outgrow Your Need Clarence R. Johnson
3/10/02 A Human Interest Story Eric Tryggestad
3/10/02 How To Kill The Local Church Unknown
3/17/02 This World Is Not My Home W.R. Jones
3/17/02 He Quit The Church Because It Was "Too Routine" Tom Edwards
3/24/02 The Thirty Pieces Of Silver Clarence R. Johnson
3/24/02 Timothy And Epaphroditus Chuck Durham
3/24/02 Rhode Island Red Or Poland China? J. Princeton Simons
3/31/02 A Brief History Of The King James Bible Mel Futrell
3/31/02 Why We Quote Scripture Clarence R. Johnson
4/7/02 The Autonomy Of The Local Church Keith Sharp
4/7/02 God's People -- Then And Now Jesse G. Jenkins
4/14/02 Bible Study In Home Makes Woman A Lawbreaker Floyd Chappelear
4/14/02 President Garfield's Rules For Successful Living A.T. Pate
4/21/02 Wrong Is Always Wrong Clarence R. Johnson
4/21/02 Hitchhikers Bob Dickey
4/21/02 Peppercorn Rent Addison Ballard
4/28/02 "Literal" Compared And Contrasted With "By Means" Tim Nichols
5/5/02 "Not As Narrow As Some" Clarence R. Johnson
5/5/02 Searching For The Runaways Mark White
5/5/02 The Improved Economic Status Of The "Church Mouse" Al Diestelkamp
5/12/02 The Burial Of Jesus' Body Clarence R. Johnson
5/12/02 Prove All Things T. Pierce Brown
5/12/02 Via Water? Clarence R. Johnson
5/19/02 The Importance Of Baptism Clarence R. Johnson
5/19/02 The Proper Age For Baptism Sewell Hall
5/19/02 The Liquor Bar Unknown
5/26/02 Jesus And The Social Gospel Thomas W. Franklin
5/26/02 Teach Us To Pray Tom L. Merritt
5/26/02 Absenteeism Does Not Kill Churches Lewis Hale
6/02/02 Religion Is Not The Problem Larry Ray Hafley
6/02/02 "Meaningful" Jim Ward
6/09/02 "Go Make Disciples Of All Nations" Clarence R. Johnson
6/09/02 Man's Need For A Divine Standard Clarence R. Johnson
6/09/02 Saving Our Own Connie W. Adams
6/16/02 Salvation Necessitates Obedience? Wendell Ward
6/16/02 Psalm 33 Clarence R. Johnson
6/16/02 Things That Save Clarence R. Johnson
6/23/02 Terms For Unity Jerry Fite
6/23/02 Psalm 47 Garemy K. Johnson
6/23/02 Off Side Carey Barker
6/30/02 "Rookie," Church Member Jim Morris Speaks About Faith Behind Film Erik Tryggestad
6/30/02 The Blueprint For Christ's Church Lindy McDaniel
6/30/02 Psalm 63 Darren K. Johnson
6/30/02 Tell Him Gently Unknown
7/07/02 It's About Time Lewis Willis
7/07/02 Psalm 74 Clarence R. Johnson
7/07/02 Read It And Think About It Unknown
7/14/02 Too Much Emphasis On Attendance? Robert F. Turner
7/14/02 Psalm 76 Clarence R. Johnson
7/14/02 Time To Pray Unknown
7/21/02 What Is Preaching? Robert F. Turner
7/21/02 Iowa, Flordia Congregations Report Scams Unknown
7/21/02 Another Concern In The "Age Of The Earth" Discussion Edward O. Bragwell, Jr
7/21/02 You May Go To Heaven Unknown
7/28/02 39 Personal Work Motivators Clarence W. Fell
7/28/02 Keep Us Humble Unknown
8/04/02 Spirit, Soul, And Body Clarence R. Johnson
8/04/02 Psalm 80 Clarence R. Johnson
8/04/02 The Missing Pot Plants O. J. Russell
8/11/02 Try A Little Tenderness Larry Ray Hafley
8/11/02 The "Traditional" Point Of View Harold E. Turner
8/18/02 Creed Books, The Bible, "Mere Men", Etc. Clarence R. Johnson
8/18/02 Psalm 102 Clarence R. Johnson
8/18/02 Priorities Sewell Hall
8/18/02 What The Red Letter Says About The Black J. Princeton Simons
8/25/02 God Does Not Dwell In Temples Made With Hands Clarence R. Johnson
8/25/02 Psalm 121 Clarence R. Johnson
8/25/02 Dinosaurs And Crude Oil Joseph M. Carter
8/25/02 A Brief Excerpt From Jerome's Notes In The Gutenberg Bible Luther W. Martin
9/1/02 Victory In Jesus Robert F. Turner
9/1/02 Psalm 134 Clarence R. Johnson
9/1/02 Devil With A Blue Dress On John Smith
9/8/02 Life - Now And Forever Tommy Poarch
9/8/02 Creed Bound! Robert F. Turner
9/15/02 She Missed It William Mardell Lynch
9/15/02 You Can Don Truex
9/15/02 Avoiding Sin Ronnie E. Hinds
9/22/02 Abounding In Everything Tom Sutherland
9/22/02 McDonald's Opens Inside Church Center In Houston Eugene Britnell
9/22/02 To Love A Friend H. L. Gradowith
9/29/02 A Moment Of Silence: The Atheists Response To Tragedy Floyd Chappelear
9/29/02 Fish Talk Mark McWhorter
9/29/02 When You Thought I Wasn't Looking Unknown
10/6/02 "Whosoever Sheddeth Man's Blood.." Unknown
10/6/02 The Church Of Christ's Choice Clarence R. Johnson
10/6/02 From Tim Smith's List Unknown
10/13/02 "Give No Provision For To The Flesh" Gardner Hall
10/13/02 "Making" Johnny Go To Church Tom Moody
10/20/02 Missing The Significant Unknown
10/20/02 Lift Up Fallen Hands Robert F. Turner
10/20/02 Six Steps To A Broken Home Bill Hall
10/27/02 How To Listen In Church Robert F. Turner
10/27/02 Newer Concerns For The "Boomer Generation" Alan Smith
11/03/02 In The News... Jeordan Legon
11/03/02 Abounding In This Grace Also Robert F. Turner
11/10/02 The Foreknowledge Of God Ward Hogland
11/10/02 The "Seal" Of The Holy Spirit Robert F. Turner
11/10/02 A Thousand Times...No! David Diestelkamp
11/17/02 Christianity Without Denominationalism Clarence R. Johnson
11/17/02 Women And Silence Clarence R. Johnson
11/17/02 Two Brief, Unrelated Lessons David Riggs
11/24/02 No Room For Jesus Clarence R. Johnson
11/24/02 John The Baptist Clarence R. Johnson
11/24/02 Capital Punishment Today Clarence R. Johnson
11/24/02 It Is Written Again Clarence R. Johnson
12/01/02 "I'm Sorry!" Thomas Thornhill, Jr.
12/01/02 20 Secrets To Happiness Unknown
12/08/02 God And Capital Punishment Clarence R. Johnson
12/08/02 Trivia W.R. Jones
12/08/02 Fruit Of The Spirit Jim R. Everett
12/15/02 Humility Bill Echols
12/15/02 He Lost His Friends Pat Gates
12/22/02 The Importance Of Gospel Preaching Clarence R. Johnson
12/22/02 Does Praying Help? Joe Fitch
12/22/02 God Blessed America Frank Parker
12/29/02 The Cleansing Of A Leper Clarence R. Johnson
12/29/02 What It Means To Preach Dee Bowman
12/29/02 Seek The Lord And Ye Shall Live Jesse G. Jenkins