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Date Article Author
1/2/05 The Untrodden Path Bobby K. Thompson
1/2/05 Leading Atheist Becomes Deist Keith Sharp
1/2/05 Darwin And Dahmer Jason E. Stringer
1/9/05 "Resist The Devil" Joe Fitch
1/9/05 Casting Lots Wendell Ward
1/9/05 John Andre, 1751-1780 Dan Peters
1/16/05 What The Church Is Not Pat Farish
1/16/05 Keeping The Church Pure James Baker
1/23/05 State Of The Congregation, 2005 Clarence R. Johnson
1/23/05 "They Crucified Him" Clarence R. Johnson
1/23/05 How Can A Christian Receive Forgiveness For Sins Of Ignorance? Melvin Curry
1/30/05 "No Room In The Inn" Jim Ward
1/30/05 How To Evaluate A Congregation Greg Gwinn
2/6/05 Is The New Testament Anti-Semitic? Mickey Chandler
2/6/05 The Land Of Beginning Again Bobby K. Thompson
2/13/05 Indwelling: Deity In Humanity Colly Caldwell
2/20/05 Emotional Arguments Connie W. Adams
2/20/05 Stay Out Of My Dirt Al Diestelkamp
2/27/05 Twisting The Picture Won't Help The Scene Bobby K. Thompson
2/27/05 Praise Teams Ron Boatwright
3/6/05 In The Year Of Our Lord Lawrence Kelley
3/6/05 Falling Into Belief Lawrence Kelley
3/6/05 Praise Choruses Brock Hartwigsen
3/13/05 Does Mark 16:9-20 Belong In Our Bibles? Terry Partain
3/13/05 "Tupos" "Example" Paul K. Williams
3/20/05 Dangers Facing The Church Robert W. Goodman
3/20/05 Millions Then Living Are Now Dead! Thomas Bunting
3/20/05 10 Reasons The Jehovah's Witnesses Are Not The Church Of The Bible Whit Sasser
3/20/05 It’s Not About Us! Connie Adams
3/27/05 Authority From Necessary Inference Al Diestelkamp
3/27/05 “Special Music” Hugo McCord
3/27/05 The Fellowship Of The Unashamed Unknown
4/3/05 An Eye For An Eye And A Tooth For Tooth Steve Dewhirst
4/3/05 Did Paul Keep The Law Of Moses? Rickie Jenkins
4/10/05 Do We Have A Genuine Bible? Robert W. Goodman
4/10/05 The Antichrist Frank Himmel
4/17/05 If The World Hates You Steve Dewhirst
4/17/05 The Value Of Bible Study Robert W. Goodman
4/17/05 A Lesson From A Pumpkin David Ramey
4/24/05 Our Struggle: Flesh Vs. Spirit Clarence R. Johnson
4/24/05 The State Of Our Nation Roy Moore
5/1/05 The Gospel According To John Clarence R. Johnson
5/1/05 Staying Home Randy Blackaby
5/1/05 Leave It To The Devil Mike Benson
5/8/05 The True Light Clarence R. Johnson
5/8/05 Quietly Great: Phinehas Rusty Miuller
5/8/05 Why Do People Not Study the Bible Robert W. Goodman
5/15/05 The Right To Become Children Of God Clarence R. Johnson
5/15/05 The One Not Chosen: Joseph Barsabbas Tony Mauck
5/15/05 Let The Bible Be Your Guide Aude McKee
5/22/05 Grace And Truth Came Through Jesus Christ Clarence R. Johnson
5/22/05 Rearing Godly Children In Difficult Times Paul Earnhart
5/22/05 What Makes A Pattern In Christianity? B.G. Hope
5/29/05 The Identity Of John The Baptist Clarence R. Johnson
5/29/05 The Book Of Revelation Wayne Wells
6/5/05 "Behold The Lamb Of God" Clarence R. Johnson
6/5/05 The Musical Innovation - A Continuing Problem Clarence R. Johnson
6/5/05 It's Not About Us! Connie Adams
6/5/05 Don't Stay Away From The Church... Anonymous
6/12/05 The Man Who Would Become A Rock Clarence R. Johnson
6/12/05 Strange Notions About Preachers Lowell Blasingame
6/12/05 Perpetual Babes In Christ Dan S. Shipley
6/12/05 Terms Of Surrender Stan Mitchell
6/19/05 "We Have Found The Messiah... Come And See" Clarence R. Johnson
6/19/05 What Does It Mean, "To Offend" Someone? Mike Willis
6/19/05 Problem Solvers Versus Fault Finders Greg Gwin
6/26/05 Jesus' First Miracle Clarence R. Johnson
6/26/05 Desecrating The Word Of God Gary P. Eubanks
6/26/05 Does Every Man Do It? Bobby K. Thompson
7/3/05 Does The Lord Ask Too Much? Bobby K. Thompson
7/3/05 That Boy Is No Husband! Glenn Colley
7/3/05 Holy And Awesome Is God's Name Al Diestelkamp
7/10/05 How Do We Know We Have The Bible? Keith Sharp
7/17/05 Is Everything Worship? Johnie Edwards
7/17/05 The New Testament: A Pattern For Christianity Clarence R. Johnson
7/17/05 How Should We Dress For Worship? Dan S. Shipley
7/17/05 Prejudiced Against the Bible Bob Buchanon
7/24/05 Two Important Rules Of Bible Study Clarence R. Johnson
7/24/05 Singing During The Lord's Supper Walter W. Pigg
7/24/05 Stop the Profanity!!! Allen Dvorak
7/24/05 Wednesday Night Services Whit Sasser
7/31/05 "You Must Be Born Again" Clarence R. Johnson
7/31/05 "I Got Sick Of The World" Gerry Sandusky
8/7/05 We Speak What We Know Clarence R. Johnson
8/7/05 A Matter Of Grave Concern Margo Mengel
8/7/05 He Made The Stars Donald B. Young
8/7/05 Looking My Best Unknown
8/14/05 He Must Increase But I Must Decrease Clarence R. Johnson
8/14/05 A Patternist And Legalist Whit Sasser
8/14/05 Holding Traditions Bobby K. Thompson
8/21/05 I'm Sorry Bobby K. Thompson
8/21/05 The Sin Of Homosexuality Wayne Wells
8/28/05 Living Water Clarence R. Johnson
8/28/05 Access To High Places Robert W. Goodman
8/28/05 How To Save Your Marriage Rick Lanning
9/4/05 A Church That Is Just A Church Unknown
9/4/05 Job's Wife Bobby K. Thompson
9/4/05 Privacy In The Workplace Michael Cox
9/4/05 The Antichrist... Floyd Chappelear
9/11/05 I Am A Sick American Don Alexander
9/11/05 Lessons From Paul Among The Barbarians Robert Jackson
9/11/05 Neurologically Speaking Whit Sasser
9/18/05 How Noble Are We? Bobby K. Thompson
9/18/05 What Vistors Have A Right To Expect Sewell Hall
9/25/05 Heaven's Choice Or Hell's Work? Bobby L. Graham
9/25/05 A " Kingdom View" Of The Church Al Diestelkamp
9/25/05 Anything Your Heart Desires J & G.B.
10/2/05 "Abraham Believed God" Robert F. Turner
10/2/05 Where Did All These Churches Come From? Michael Cox
10/9/05 Measuring Our Faith Right And Wrong! Russ Lawson
10/9/05 The Confession Of An Extremist Bobby K. Thompson
10/9/05 Charles Schultz Philosophy Whit Sasser
10/16/05 Refreshing Christians Bobby K. Thompson
10/16/05 The Work Of Preaching Rick Liggin
10/16/05 They Knew They Were Naked, Do We? David Diestelkamp
10/16/05 Sorry About That, Daughter Unknown
10/23/05 The Church Belongs To Christ Robert F. Turner
10/23/05 Red Letter Bibles Douglas Hoff
10/30/05 Christ's Church In This Generation Robert F. Turner
10/30/05 The Wall Street Journal On Science Floyd Chappelear
11/6/05 Thoughts Concerning The Greek Word "Psallo" Bobby K. Thompson
11/6/05 What Congregations Wish Song Leaders Knew Sewell Hall
11/6/05 Hyprocrites In The “______________” J. Princeton Simons
11/13/05 Jesus - Greater Than Jacob Clarence R. Johnson
11/13/05 Accepted With God (Acts 10:34-35) Bobby K. Thompson
11/13/05 Islam: "A Religion Of Peace" (?) Floyd Chappelear
11/20/05 The Much-Married Woman Clarence R. Johnson
11/20/05 What's Your Tradition? Alan Smith
11/20/05 Conspiracy Theorists Gardner Hall
11/27/05 The Fields Are White For Harvest Clarence R. Johnson
11/27/05 "Opinions" In Bible Class Rick Liggin
11/27/05 We're Not Going Away! Allen Dvorak
11/27/05 Mary In A Grilled Cheese Sandwich Craig V. Thomas
12/4/05 "Come And See" Clarence R. Johnson
12/4/05 Christianity Before Alexander Campbell David Padfield
12/11/05 A Prophet Dishonored At Home Clarence R. Johnson
12/11/05 Has Some Of The Truth Been Lost? Jim Vaughan
12/11/05 Where Is It Condemed? Bobby K. Thompson
12/18/05 A Second Galilean Miracle Clarence R. Johnson
12/18/05 For We Are Not Ignorant Of His Devices (II Cor. 2:11) Clarence R. Johnson
12/18/05 The Kings Of The North And South Jim Vaughan
12/25/05 The Man At The Pool Clarence R. Johnson
12/25/05 Xmas Mixed Emotions J.S. Smith
12/25/05 A Question Regarding Divorce Clarence R. Johnson
12/25/05 Things I Don't Have Because I'm A Christian Brad Hopkins